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Safer streets for you and your family

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives are all talk and no action when it comes to tackling crime. On their watch, police numbers are down and they’ve wiped out community policing.
It’s no surprise anti-social behaviour is skyrocketing and violent crime is devastating communities. And, there are record low convictions for rape.

Labour’s priority is keeping you safe

We would:

  • Put more police on the streets in your area
  • Drive down crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Stand up for youth clubs and community services
  • Tackle the root causes of the problems that your community faces
  • Ensure criminals are brought to justice
  • Give victims more rights


The Conservatives cut police to the lowest level in a generation

Today, there are 8,433 fewer officers, 7,633 fewer PCSOs, and 7,502 fewer police staff than there were in 2010. And they’ve cut funding for services that prevent crime from happening.

Communities like yours, are paying the price for the Conservatives’ poor choices. Their decisions have seen recorded incidents of antisocial behaviour rise to the highest number in seven years. This has left people afraid in their own communities. There are record low convictions for rape and drug use has risen. It’s so bad police that the Police Federation said they’ve lost confidence in the Conservatives and that they are “sick of gimmicks and government contempt for police”.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Labour would make different choices. We would scrap the Government’s latest wasteful yacht project and invest taxpayers’ money wisely. We’d tackle crime and the surge in antisocial behaviour.

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