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Local Parties

As well as the overarching national parties, everyone who joins automatically becomes a member of their local Labour Party.

Your local party will be a group of like-minded people of all kinds of ages and backgrounds. It’ll usually put on lots of events and activism to get involved in; we can all contribute to make a real difference to our local communities, and make a lot of friends and have fun along the way.

On your membership card you’ll see the details of your local contact, and usually there’ll also be a local Labour Facebook group so you can keep in contact with members nearby to you. So whether you’re looking to get involved in local activity, keen to find out how to stand for one of the many roles in local party or want to find out who your local MP or candidate is, you’re in the right place.

Get involved in your local party

Your local party is one of the areas where you can really get stuck in to making a difference. Not only can you join campaigns, discuss policy and plans at local meetings and go to fun social events, but you can also stand for roles that allow you to help transform your community. If you’re interested in standing for a role – or just interested in what they do – you can find out in the My local Labour team section below.

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Representing Labour

“Being a councillor is the greatest privilege. It’s a really practical way of being a champion for the Labour Party at a local level”

Cllr Helen Holland, Bristol