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Review of policymaking in the Labour Party

Labour Party policy is made through the National Policy Forum and Annual Conference. The process brings together members, local parties, affiliated trade unions, socialist societies, elected representatives as well as the wider community to develop policy over the course of a parliament for our General Election manifesto.

After a decade in opposition and four General Election defeats in a row, Labour has a mountain to climb to get into power at the next General Election. To do that we need a policy making process that helps us develop a policy platform that is true to our values, ensures the voices of our members and affiliated trade unions are heard, and that wins the support of the public.

Labour is therefore reviewing the way it makes policy to ensure it is more transparent, accountable, democratic, inclusive and effective.

We want to hear your views on how we can make policy that supports our fundamental goal of winning elections and transforming the country.

The first phase of the review is an open call for evidence. We have included a number of questions to help frame responses but these should be used as a guide only as we are keen to hear all contributions on how we can improve our policy making process.

This first phase of the review will be followed up by a more detailed consultation next year with final proposals put to Annual Conference 2021.

Our policy making processes were reviewed in 2018 as part of Labour’s Democracy Review but fundamental reform was not taken forward. Submissions to the Democracy Review will be considered as part of this consultation process. However, much has changed since 2018, and so we want to give everyone a fresh opportunity to provide views on how Labour should develop policy in future.

The questions below are a guide to help shape your thinking. We want to hear your views, so feel free to answer as few or as many questions as you like. Alternatively, you can attach a pdf of your ideas below, or send them directly to us at [email protected].

Please provide responses to by 3 February 2021.

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