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From your pocket to your train carriage, commuting has become The Daily Squeeze under the Tories.

Rail passengers are short-changed yet again as the Tories hike up train ticket prices to record levels.

The average train fare is up by 36% and the cost of some of Britain’s most expensive season tickets have risen by more than 45% since the Tories came to power.

The cost of the average train ticket has now increased more than three times faster than wages, and the British public now pays some of the highest rail fares in Europe.

The Tory Government could have used its power to cap regulated fares. Instead, they have let train companies off the hook again and failed to stand up for millions of passengers.

The next Labour government will end The Daily Squeeze and put the ease back into train travel.

Here’s how we’ll stand up for commuters:

Put passengers before profits

We’ll put passengers before profits by bringing our railways into public ownership and reform transport networks to deliver better services and value for money.

Cap fares

We’ll cap train fares and end the Tories’ inflation-busting fare rises.

Fix services

We’ll reinvest the profits currently being made by private operators to improve the quality of rail services.

Make real investments

We’ll invest in transport infrastructure – like Crossrail networks – to boost economic growth and rebalance the economy.

It's time for action.

The Tories are failing rail passengers across the country.

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