10 Labour policies to change Britain

Keir Starmer and members of the Shadow Cabinet looking up and to the left to wave to someone out of shot

After 14 years in government, the Tories have run out of excuses – and out of ideas. Only Labour policies will address the long-term issues Britain faces.

The country can’t afford more of the same sticking-plaster politics that make the problems people face even worse.

Keir Starmer has changed the Labour Party and developed a long-term plan for Britain, with five key missions for government. Across the economy, the NHS, education, crime, clean energy and more, Labour has the best policies for getting the country back on track.

What are Labour’s policies to get Britain’s future back?

Deliver two million more NHS appointments a year

How we’ll do it: Labour’s policy to increase the numbers of NHS appointments will see NHS staff paid extra to work evenings and weekends in order to tackle the backlog. We will also use spare capacity in private healthcare providers to clear the NHS backlog, free at the point of use, as well as recruiting 8,500 new NHS mental health staff.

We will bring down waits for cancer appointments with a ‘Fit For the Future Fund’ doubling the number of state-of-the-art MRI and CT scanners in the NHS to ensure early diagnosis.

Under the Tories, the NHS waiting list has increased by 204%, and drastic action needs to be taken to get patients seen and receiving the care they need.

Set up Great British Energy, a new publicly owned British energy company 

What this means: Labour’s policy offer includes a Green Prosperity Plan to cut energy bills and creating good jobs in every region.

A Labour government will invest in homegrown clean power, cut bills, create jobs, and give us independence from dictators like Putin, paid for in part by a proper windfall tax on oil and gas giants.

Closing private education tax loopholes to improve schools

What this means: Private schools currently benefit from an unfair tax break that means they avoid paying VAT on fees. Through closing this loophole, Labour will raise vital money needed to improve standards in stretched state schools with more teachers.

This funding will also help pay for mental health support staff in every school, working to boost the wellbeing of young people, many of whom still suffering the effects of lockdown.

Bring back the family doctor and improve local NHS care

What this means: At the heart of Labour’s health policy offer is a commitment to make the NHS a Neighbourhood Health Service as much as a National Health Service.

Labour will cut red tape, freeing up GPs so they have more time to see patients. We will ensure patients can see the same GP each appointment if they choose to, and we will trial Neighbourhood Health Centres, bringing together family doctors, district nurses, care workers, physiotherapists, and mental health specialists under one roof.

Stop water bosses’ bonuses when their companies harm the environment

What this means: Labour will clamp down on water companies that harm the environment and pollute our rivers with automatic and severe fines, as well as new powers to the regulator to block bonuses until water bosses have cleaned up the filth. For the most serious cases, Labour will allow the regulator to pursue criminal charges against water bosses.

End hotel use for asylum seekers

How we’ll do it: Rishi Sunak promised to end asylum hotel use but instead the number has hit a record high, costing the British taxpayer an eye-watering £8 million a day.

Labour’s policy to secure Britain’s borders will see the introduction of more staff to process claims and return people to safe countries, clearing the asylum backlog, and a new cross-border police unit smashing criminal people-smuggling gangs by using counter-terror style tactics.

Greater support for victims of violence against women 

How we’ll do it: Labour will create a requirement for a rape unit in every police force, specialists in every 999 control room, and fast track courts and legal advice for rape victims.

This will mean that early opportunities for prevention and protection are not missed, and will be followed up with requiring police forces to target dangerous repeat offenders with the tactics and tools normally reserved for counter-terror and serious organised crime investigations, getting serious perpetrators off our streets. 

We will also put specialists in the court system to support rape victims, meaning that victims are given better support at every stage.

A new fiscal lock to secure economic stability

What this means: This Labour policy will guarantee in law that permanent government tax and spending changes will be subject to an independent forecast to build a rock of economic stability.

This will bring economic security back to family finances so that we never again allow the devastation of the Liz Truss mini-budget that crashed the economy and left working people worse off.

Make the minimum wage a genuine living wage

What this means: Labour will strengthen the minimum wage that employers must pay to ensure it reflects the cost of living.

Free breakfast clubs in every primary school in England

What this means: Labour has a plan to improve school attendances that includes the introduction of breakfast clubs for all primary school children in England. This would be the first step on the road to a modern childcare system so every child has the best start at school, and parents have more choices about work.