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The ALC Executive

What is the ALC?

The Association of Labour Councillors (ALC) is an organisation affiliated to the Party. They work to support councillors and the vital work they do.

Upon being elected as a Labour Councillor, people automatically receive membership of the ALC. Being a member of the ALC entitles councillors to a range of support and training which is all available on the Councillors Hub. The ALC consists of 16 elected representatives, broken down as below;

  • 11 Regional/National representatives
  • 2 National Executive Committee (NEC) Local Government representatives
  • The Labour Group Leader of Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA)
  • A representative of the Welsh Local Government Association
  • National Policy Forum (NPF) Local Government representative

Like other affiliated groups, the ALC is run by an executive body consisting of councillors from across England, Scotland and Wales. This body is elected by councillors every two years, and is next due to be elected in Summer 2021.

Meet the Association of Labour Councillors team

Your current ALC representatives and their contact details are listed below. If you wish to get in touch with a representative, just click on their icon.

Cllr Simon Henig

Durham County Council, Chair of the ALC, North ALC Representative

Cllr Judi Billing

Hertfordshire County Council, Eastern ALC Representative

Cllr James Dawson

Erewash Borough Council, East Midlands ALC Representative

Cllr Clare Coghill

Waltham Forest Council, London ALC Representative

Cllr Amy Cross

Blackpool Council, North West ALC Representative

Cllr Maureen Devlin

South Lanarkshire Council, Scotland ALC Representative

Cllr Vince Maple

Medway Council, South East ALC Representative

Cllr Leigh Redman

Somerset County Council, South West ALC Representative

Cllr Jackie Taylor

Sandwell Council, West Midlands ALC Representative

Cllr Anthony Hunt

Torfaen County Borough Council, Wales ALC Representative

Cllr Lewis Dagnall

Sheffield City Council, Yorkshire and Humberside ALC Representative

Cllr Nick Forbes

Newcastle City Council, National Executive Committee Local Government Representative

Cllr Alice Perry

Islington Council, National Executive Committee Local Government Representative

Cllr David Ross

Fife Council, Labour Group Leader, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA)

Cllr Aaron Shotton

Flintshire County Council, Welsh Local Government Association Representative

Cllr Angela Conforth

Royal Borough of Greenwich Council, National Policy Forum Local Government Representative

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