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Where do I fit in the Labour Party world?

How does the Labour Party work and how do I fit in? 

The Labour Party is powered by passionate, dedicated, people just like you. We are a diverse bunch who get together with one goal: to make our country work for the many, not the few.

We want to make sure you know exactly how to get stuck in, so we’ve broken down each bit of the Labour Party for you.

First things first, let’s start local…

Constituency Labour Party (CLP)

Your local party will be a group of like minded people of all kinds of ages and backgrounds. It’ll usually have lots of events and activism to get involved in. A volunteer, called a CLP secretary, will be in touch soon – or you can check out their details on your membership card. Usually there’ll also be a local Labour Facebook group so you can keep in contact with members nearby to you.

Branch Labour Party (BLP)

Many local parties are organised into smaller parts called branches. At these branch meetings you can meet neighbours and new friends. It’s also at these meetings that you have the power to choose local council candidates to represent your area. Your Branch Secretary will email or call to keep you up to date with the latest local campaigns, petitions and social events. If you haven’t heard from your local branch yet, you can always check in with your CLP secretary.

Regional Parties

In England, the Labour Party is made up of nine regions. The regional parties organise training, social events, and put on regional conferences where you can get to know members from across your region. They can also help you organise speakers for local events.

The National Parties

Your national Labour Party, whether it is the UK, Welsh or Scottish Party, is where the other parts of the organisation come together. It’s a central point for strategy and planning, and policy making. You can call Head Office on 0345 092 2299 for help with anything, from getting in touch with your local party to when the next training session is.

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